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Project -- Create a Web Version of a Printed Catalog
Simpson Anchor Systems Catalog

Client: Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.

Project completion date: July 2000

Approximate time to complete: 8 weeks

This project involved...

  • Dreamweaver 3.0
  • Hand-Coding HTML
  • Fireworks 3.0
  • Adobe Illustrator 9

The objective was to produce an online version of a printed catalog containing 72 pages of text, tabular data, line drawings, and photographic images.

All tables, drawings and photo images required extensive manipulation, conversion and optimization from the original EPS and TIF file formats. From start to finish, I worked closely with the client's engineering staff to ensure the accuracy of each webpage. Care was taken to maintain the high design standards of the client's print productions, while taking advantage of HTML's uniquely interactive features.

Here are images of typical pages from the printed version:

Sample Catalog page Sample Catalog page


View the full printed catalog in PDF format PDF file (Warning: Large file, 4 mb)

View the simpsonanchors.com website.

Note: The overall design and navigational structure of this website has been updated from the time this project was completed.


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