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Project -- Build a Workshop Registration Website
Strong-Tie workshops

Client: Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.

Project completion date: August 2000

Approximate time to complete: 4 weeks

This project involved...

  • Dreamweaver 3.0
  • Hand-Coding HTML
  • ASP/JavaScript / VBScript
  • Fireworks 3.0

The objective was to produce an online means of attracting, informing and registering potential attendees for the Simpson Strong-Tie workshop series.

Simpson's North American operations are organized regionally, with branches in the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. Each branch organizes and runs its own set of workshops which are intended to provide participants with a day-long course in the how-to's of Simpson's products. This required a flexible website that included four essentially separate collections of workshops, each with its own customized information and registration pages. The site was structured with a common introductory page, from which visitors navigate to a map of North America. When visitors click their location on the map, they are shown a workshop page that is customized for the courses being conducted in that region.

When a visitor selects a course, the registration page is dynamically generated, customized to the particular workshop course the visitor has chosen. When the form is completed, the page is programmed to forward the registration information by email to the workshop coordinator in the appropriate Simpson branch, as well as send a confirmation email to the registrant.

View the workshop site

Note: This project included all aspects of the workshop area of the strongtie.com website. These pages have since been revised by my successor.


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