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Project -- Develop a Web Application to Send Bulk E-mail

Send Bulk E-mail Application


Client: Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.

Project completion date: September 2001

Approximate time to complete: 3 days

This project involved...

  • Dreamweaver 3.0
  • Hand-Coding HTML
  • ASP/VBScript
  • Microsoft InterDev
  • Database connectivity
  • Fireworks 3.0
Simpson's marketing department wanted a means of notifying customers of significant updates to their websites' content. Off-the-shelf bulk e-mail products were tried, which for a variety of reasons proved incompatible with Simpson's servers. I then developed a custom ASP application to manage the collection of e-mail addresses from website visitors and the subsequent generation of bulk e-mail messages to those addresses.

First, an input page was developed which allows website visitors to submit their e-mail addresses. These addresses are thus collected in a Microsoft Access database. Separate lists are kept for visitors to each website (Simpson has multiple websites). Other lists have been made for internal groups such as the Simpson sales force, and these could easily be extended to suppliers and distributors.

In order to manage the bulk e-mailing process, I developed a frameset console (shown above) which allows the operator to select a mailing list from those available in the Access database. The console also allows the operator to select the previously prepared HTML page which is to be sent as the e-mail message. By clicking a button, the operator can preview both the address list and the message page. The message is sent by clicking a second button.

(Note: as this application runs on the client's internal network, it is not available for viewing.)


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