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Project -- Build a Workshop Registration Website
Sonic Solutions

Client: Franklin Templeton Investments

Project completion date: July 2005

Approximate time to complete: 6 weeks

This project involved...

  • Dreamweaver MX
  • Photoshop 7.0
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS

Franklin Templeton Investments is a leading investment firm with offices around the world. Franklin's desktop technology refresh group required a new internal website which would keep their customers up-to-date on the company's personal computer replacement cycle. I created a logo for the client, did the color pallete selection, constructed wireframe navigation, designed page templates, and did the production HTML coding. I used the tools of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop 7.0, and the technologies of HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets.

(Note: as this website runs on the client's internal network, it is not available for viewing.)


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