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Build a GoogleMaps Application for Robert Half



Employer: Robert Half International

Project completion date: July 2007

This project involved...

  • Ajax
  • GoogleMaps API
  • Javascript
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Vignette VAP & VCM

Robert Half International required a map-based office locator widget for their new Metro Area landing page project. The new widget needed to be interactive and provide users with the option of obtaining driving directions to each local Robert Half office.

The existing Office Locator portlet on the Robert Half websites simply provides a text listing of local office addresses and phone numbers. Robert Half desired to have a landing page for their targeted direct marketing campaigns that would provide users with an interactive map of local Robert Half offices.

I used Homesite to hand-code a solution, using the GoogleMaps API to provide the maps and manage the collection of map markers. The street addresses and other information for each office are provided in an XML file, which is parsed to create the marker collection. The data is then managed to deliver it through mouse click events within the GoogleMap area of the page. Additional work was performed to develop the solution within the Vignette VAP/VCM platform (creating new VCM content types, page templates, etc.) to allow routine content management.

See the Robert Half GoogleMaps web application on the Robert Half Technology website


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